Blood Suns Triumph – Wipe the Sector Clean of Enemies 3 Times!

Hello, battle brothers! I have a good report to give from a local RTT that happened yesterday. I took 3rd place in a pool of 16 or so by tabling all three of my opponents. It was 1200 points, 1.5 hour rounds, normal allies and rules, book missions, and they added up victory points at the end. If I’d had scoring troops, I would have won overall. It was only a 4’x4′ table, so not the normal 6’x4′, which, to be honest, I think helped me out a lot. All deployments were 12″ in for each side, 24″ no-man’s land in the middle. All missions used Linebreaker, Slay the Warlord, and First Blood. Terrain was sparse – 4 pieces in the corners, 1 in the middle that wasn’t always line of sight blocking.

My list was as follows:

Furioso + Drop Pod + Frag Cannon + Heavy Flamer
8 Death Company + power fist + bolters + Drop Pod
Death Company Dreadnought + talons + meltagun + Drop Pod
Stormraven + Assault Cannon + Multimelta
Stormraven + Assault Cannon + Multimelta

I reserved everything each game, deployed Mephiston on his own, and had the dreadnoughts come down turn 1 in every game. All “directions” like forward, back, left, right, etc are from my point of view.

So 9 kill points in 16 models. No scoring, and only 9 denial bodies.


GAME 1 – My opponent was really friendly, and we laughed loudly a lot during this game. Would play again!

Crusade – 3 objectives across the middle. Forgot to do night fighting (would have helped me out!).

My opponent’s first list was Eldar.

Farseer + guide + doom + nova + spear + helm
Farseer + forturne + guide + witchfire he never used + spear + helm
20 guardians + 2 lances + warlock with conceal and spear
20 guardians + 2 lances + warlock with conceal and spear
5 Warp Spiders

Wraithknight + 2 Instant Death Cannons

I deployed Mephiston first behind some terrain on the right side, then he set up for everything to get a shot on Mephiston but set far back so they couldn’t get touched. The two guardian blobs went into the two area terrain in the corners, and the Wraithknight in the middle. The Falcon was in the far right corner. The warp spiders were behind the wraith knight. The center piece of terrain was actually a good LOS blocker, and the plan was to jump Mephiston behind it turn 1, and then not be assaulted since no one could see him. Then the opponent stole the initiative! D’oh!

Turn 1

So lots of shooting happened, and many cover saves were rolled, but Mephiston got put down to 1 wound and survived. The Guardians moved slightly forward, the Falcon stayed where it was, and the Wraithknight jumped up to the middle piece of terrain to get shots without cover.

I had the Dreadnoughts come down behind the guardian blobs. The DC Dread used the drop pod as cover and shot the left blob. The Fragioso came down more central, and put all 3 templates on the right blob, doing massive casualties. Mephiston was able to jump to the center and then punched the Wraithknight, just killing it with Preffered Enemy and S10, not even using his Force Weapon! Well, he made his points back!

Turn 2
Shooting took one arm off the DC Dread, Warp Spiders jumped to the middle and shot Mephiston to death. The Fragioso took a glance, but nothing serious from the Falcon.

One SR came in. 2nd DC Pod came in. DC Squad landed middle left, to help out the Death Company Dread. They shot at the guardians and killed a bunch. SR shot a full load at the Falcon, but didn’t do anything due to jink saves being made.  I had the DC Dread charge the blob and they got locked in combat. The Fragioso proceeded to completely demolish the other Guardian squad and the non-Warlord Farseer with templates. S6 AP- when the opponent only has a 4+ invul save is just as good as AP1!

Turn 3
Falcon killed the Fragioso. Combat caused a glance ot the DC Dread. DC Dread killed some, but still locked in combat with just the Farseer, Warlock, and like 4 dudes remaining. A few DC Squad died to Warp Spider shots.

2nd SRs came on, and the. Both SR shot at the Falcon, with me hovering one of them. Caused a glance or two, but he was rolling jink saves like a BOSS still. DC Dread and Squad kill the remains of the 2nd blob, and consolidate towards the Warp Spiders.

Turn 4
Warp Spiders try to shoot at the SR hovered and cause a glance or two. Falcon shoots at the DC Dread and kills it (I think).

DC bolter the rest of the Warp Spiders and kills them with help from 1 SR. The other SR fails to kill the Falcon again. It is STILL A BOSS.

Turn 5 – I kill the falcon after it misses killing more DC Squad.


GAME 2 – this guy was super awesome painter, had the most beautiful cultists I’d seen, but hadn’t been playing as long as he painted. Very friendly!

Mission was Kill points – he had 8, I had 9 possible.

My 2nd opponent’s list was Chaos.

9 plague marines + 2 plasmaguns + rhino
10 Chaos Space Marines + khorne mark + lightning claw on champion + bolters + CCWs + Rhino
20 Zombies

He deployed across the front of his board, except for the defiler which hung back in the corner. The Plague marines (PM) were on one side of a ruin, slightly separated from the central cultists and CSM in Rhino. I deployed Mephiston in his tiny thing we called a ruin, just at 12″ forward on the right side. Then I stole the initiative!

Turn 1
Mephiston jumps up to the middle. The Fragioso drops in front of the cultists and Typhus, next to the CSM Rhino, and murders many cultists. The DC Dread drops on the far left next to the PM Rhino, and whiffs with meltagun from 1″ away – of course.

CSM get out to try and bolter Mephiston. Cultists run away from the Dread, Typhus runs toward Mephiston, and the Hellbrute misses with Multi-Melta on the Fragioso side armor. Plague marines back up in Rhino, and then shoot plasma to get a glance on the DC Dread. Defiler whiffs on the Fragioso with any weapon that can hurt AV12 side armor.

Turn 2
Nothing comes in, which is slightly scary. But he doesn’t have meltabombs, or much S8 or higher at all, so I think I’ll be alright. DC Dread meltas the Rhino back open, then charges the contents. There’s 4 or 5 PM after that combat. The Fragioso flames a lot more cultists but misses the charge of like 5″. (Having fleet on the DC Dread and Mephiston was super important this day!) Mephiston charges the CSM and murders a bunch, but they stick in.

He has few targets to shoot at really, so the Defiler and Hellbrute shoot at the Fragioso and it’s drop pod since it’s a KP mission, and wipe the drop pod, but immobilize the Fragioso.  Typhus gets a lot closer to Mephiston. Rhino even RAMS the back of the Fragioso which was immobilized just to do something. Even I wanted to see it work, but it didn’t. He never charges his Hellbrute since it’s I3, and the Furioso is I4, so both being S10 the Furioso would probably wreck him before he could swing. Understandable.

Turn 3
One SR comes in and does a hull point to the Defiler. DC Dread wipes the Plague Marines and starts running towards cultists who have been fleeing right every turn. CSM get wiped out and Mephiston moves back a bit to get distance from Typhus.

Hellbrute melts the Furioso into slag. Defiler misses the DC Dread. Typhus charges Mephiston after taking an attack off with a nurgle power. I think he played this right – with Typhus having 2+ versus Mephiston, he’s got a good chance to survive and can put the hurt on Mephiston with his S+2 AP2 scythe. But Mephiston gets off S10, Preffered Enemy, and Typhus fails one of the 5 saves he has to make. We even double check to see if there’s Eternal Warrior for him, but sadly (for him) it wasn’t there. Mephiston consolidates towards the Hellbrute.

Turn 4
Other SR comes in, and 1st one hovers, both taking shots at the Defiler, and make it explode. One of them Powers the Machine Spirit to shoot the Assault Cannon at the Rhino and explodes it. DC Pod comes in, and they bolter fire at a lot of cultists, leaving 3. DC Dread keeps running to catch them but can’t make the assault. Mephiston punches the Hellbrute to death.

He concedes with 4 or so cultists on the table, and my entire army except for the Fragioso still being up to deal with them.



This game was 5 objectives, 4 of them 12″ in from the corners, and one in the center that was worth a random amount of victory points.

My 3rd opponent’s list was Eldar. He was incredibly friendly and reminded me to make a few rolls I’d forgotten about.

Farseer + guide + prescience + forewarning + helm
Wave Serpent + scatter laser + 10 guardians + lance platform
Wave Serpent + scatter laser + 10 storm guardians + 2 flamers
Wave Serpent + scatter laser + 10 guardians
3 War Walkers + 2 bright lances
2 Nightspinners

He won the roll to go first, and I didn’t steal the initiative. He deployed the two Night Spinners (NS) on the left a Wave Serpent (WS) central but next to them, War Walkers (WW) in the middle, and the other two WSs on the right. He puts his Farseer behind the WW, and will be disembarking the Bright Lance Guardians so the Farseer can join them.

I put Mephiston in the terrain at 12″ forward.

Turn 1
Disembarks the guardians and bright lance into terrain for a shot on Mephiston. He moves everything up a bit and then shoots everything but the shields on the Wave Serpents at Mephiston, who has 1 wound left after a lot of cover saves and armor saves. Phew! Farseer had cast spells, but when he moves to join the disembarked guardians, the difficult terrain movement and even the fleet run weren’t enough to get him into coherency before the end of the turn. So the Farseer is behind the WS, 1 inch away from the Guardian blob, and on his own.

Fragioso Drops behind the Farseer, Wave Serpent, and 10 Guardians. DC Dread drops on far right, in terrain, next to a WS. Fragioso doubles out the Farseer with the Frag Cannon, and with some clever positioning, manages to wipe out the Guardian squad behind the Farseer and put a glance on the rear of the WS. First Blood and Warlord! (This game shows how even with BS4 from this point on, Guide and Prescience makes a huge difference in a shooting army. the lack of it really affected him the rest of the game as far as results from shooting were concerned). DC Dread explodes the WS near him. Mephiston jumps up, and with S10, pops open the other right side WS.

Turn 2
Mephiston dies to Bright Lance WW, who keep moving to center. Furioso loses his flamer arm, but keeps the Frag Cannon and has 2 glances. Plain Guardian squad tries to run towards my table edge, and the Storm Guardians run towards the middle terrain.

Everything comes on. Yay! 2 SRs come on and shoot at WW but he makes more than 10 5+ invul saves! A PotMS shoots at one NIght Spinner rear armor, immobilizing the Night Spinner. DC Squad come down in the middle of the table, slightly closer to me, and shoot at the plain guardians, killing all but 3 or 4 since they’re in the open. DC Dread makes an epic 9 inch charge through difficult terrain, and then proceeds to hit with all attacks, wounds with all hits, and then does it again, wiping out the Storm Guardians. He consolidates towards the Plain Guardians.

Turn 3
Furioso glanced again, but still up. DC Dread takes some shooting in the side, but is glanced a couple of times. DC Squad absorb some fire but nothing serious due to cover or FNP. He keeps retreating his stuff into my left corner to get Linebreaker with the remaining WS.

DC Squad starts moving towards the WW since they have a fist, and fire bolters ineffectively. Both Stormravens hover this time, demolish the healthy Night Spinner and take the WW down to 2. Fragioso is able to assault and demolish the immobilized Night Spinner. Death Company makes the short charge and wipes out the remaining troops on the board.

Turn 4
Shooting. Fragioso dies. His remaining Wave Serpent and War Walkers flee into my left corner. They are able to take down a hovering Stormraven.

The Raven destroys the Night Spinner, still hovering, and PotMS into the WW, killing 1. The rest of my stuff plinks off the last War Walker.

Turn 5
Lances miss the Raven.

I destroy the WW, and get the table.

Through the whole game, I only shot at front armor on any AV12 chassis like 2 times. Made his shields useless, so he kept shooting them, which was smart, but just the best choice he had in a bad situation.


After Tournament Report Thoughts:

I never flew the Stormravens more than the turn they came in. In smaller points games like this, there’s usually not enough on the board to threaten them enough to need the snap-fire protection. Seriously, I only zoomed them in on turn 1, then hovered every other turn the entire day.

Dreadnoughts, especially AV13 ones, are hard to deal with for Xeno armies. S6 shooting? Hahaha, it tickles! Oh, even your elite troops only have 4+ armor? That’s nice you have lots of wargear and psyker powers to give you cover. Death Company dreads and our proud Furiosos care not for what passes as protection amongst your misbegotten kind!

Drop Pods are so good at making board control. They don’t shoot much, and are good for pecking away at 5+ armor xeno or cultists, but they do jam up the board. I kept using my own Drop Pods for cover many times, and except for the Kill Points mission, no one ever shot at them. They don’t deny objectives or work for Linebreaker, but they do make good lane blockers. Even if all it does is push their vehicles to keep making immobilization rolls by going around the pod into terrain, that’s worth the 35 points some times. And I made it so that enemy units couldn’t flee very effectively from the Dreads by placing the pods and such in their escape path. Love me some Pods! Now I need to paint up a DC Dread Pod, and a 2nd regular colored infantry pod.

Killing all the troops is a really good tactic for me. I can get Linebreaker and Slay the Warlord many times (unless it’s a Draigo, Calgar, Lysander, Abaddon type of bully), and many times even First Blood due to the Fragioso if the right targets are available.

The trick of deploying ONLY Mephiston wouldn’t work at 1500 points – there would be too much shooting and he would die. I wouldn’t be tabled since it wouldn’t be my turn yet, but it means there wouldn’t be enough targets.

It’s a long post, so I hope you guys enjoyed reading it! Let me know if you see anything I could have done better or if you have any questions.


Almost-Lawyer almost posts progress pictures. Mediocrity Continues.

OK… I don’t know if any of you noticed, but I didn’t post for a while. But now, I’m an almost-lawyer with a lot more free time since the Bar exam is over. As a graduation present of sorts, I got a Badger 360 airbrush (gravity AND siphon feed capabilities) as well as a sweet Badger air compressor. Test sprays on some of the 4th Edition ruin pieces went well for undercoating, so expect an uptick in the progress soon. And since it’s all acrylic craft paint, it cleans real well with just water.

So, my intent for August is to finish the dreadnought details, and two drop pods fully done. They’re assembled, and undercoated, with the white and black basecoat already done on the Death Company one. I’ll post some more pictures soon.

Well, the January Commitment is finally done. I have Spring Break next week, so I’m going to try and knock out a Dreadnought using the skills I’ve acquired painting white the last few months. These guys took SOOOO long. I’ll never finish 7 of them in one month, so I might be breaking up the other squad.

I know there’s mold lines. I know the bolt pistol barrels aren’t drilled out. I know there’s an eye that needs to be fixed. They’re not coated yet, so the matte spray will smooth some of the spots out, as I’ve found in the past. Also, purity seals need text, but I don’t have the microfine pen I keep reading about yet. But I’ve stared at these guys for so long, I need to be done with them. I only did the Jump Packs, and didn’t do the regular backpacks, but for the IC hobby challenge, that’s good enough for me.

But… I am really loving the color scheme. Like, in an army of Black and Red, these White-hot supernovas coming at you really catch the eye.

Here’s the Pics! Remember, there’s some Jump packs that would go better with specific models, but I magnetized them so these are just assorted as I picked them up.


And that’s all! Next is the Dreadnought for Death Company.

Independent Characters Hobby Progress Challenge

I hope to make this an additional update on my progress in the contest I joined this month to pain a whole army. I listen to the Independent Characters podcast, and this year they are doing a Hobby Progress Challenge where you build a 1850 list and paint the entirety of it from start to finish, ending this year on Nov 30, 2013.

So I decided to try my hand at it, knowing that the majority of my progress will be after August 1st and I’m done with the Bar Exam and law school. Those will be the days to look forward to, without school or intern work! But until then, I’m saving these months through July for smaller, no more than 5 man unit types of goals.

Also, I paint my models in a slightly modified Flesh Tearer’s style. I’ll post some pics of my almost finished Tactical Squad which will unfortunately NOT work for this hobby progress challenge. I can also post pictures of the first models I painted, my first assault squad. Forthcoming!

In the meantime, here is the list I made for the challenge.

Librarian (145pts) (Old version in Terminator Armor) Terminator Armour, Storm shield

Astorath the Grim (220pts) (Lemartes model Counts As)

Chaplain (100pts) Bolt Pistol, Blood Crozius

Furioso Dreadnought (180pts) Frag Cannon, Blood fist, Heavy Flamer, Drop Pod, Locator Beacon, Storm Bolter

Terminator Squad (210pts) 5x marines, Chainfist, Heavy flamer

Assault Squad (205pts) 10x marines, Flamer, Meltagun, with Jump Packs

Death Company (205pts) 5x marines, Jump Packs, 2x Power Weapons, 3x Chainsword, 5x Bolt Pistols

Death Company (200pts) 7x marines, 7x Bolters, 6x Chainswords, 1x Power Fist, Drop Pod, Storm Bolter

Death Company Dreadnought (170pts) Blood Talons, Drop Pod, Locator Beacon, Storm Bolter

Fast Attack
Vanguard Vets (205pts) Jump Packs, Power Fist, Infernus Pistol, Glaive Encarmine

Vanguard Vets (205pts) Jump Packs, Thunder Hammer, Hand Flamer, Power Sword

You know how serious I am about this list? I even took out the vehicles I had been using in my normal carry case and put these models, some other HQ choices, and the 2 Assault Squads I normally play with… and that’s it. So I can play with a real basic all infantry force for smaller games, or this list. I hope it won’t just be a fieldable army to complement the models I already have painted, but I hope it’s a tactically flexible army with some punch.

I’ll test it out when I next get a game in and see how well I can do with 1 scoring unit. I am hoping that 10 Assault marines, 10 Vanguard Vets, 14 Death Company led by chaplains, 2 Dreadnoughts, and 5 Terminators all appearing on the opponent’s board edge by the end of turn 2 (super likely) will be a “challenge” to play against. It might just be me delivering my army to them to get tabled. We’ll see. It’s definitely an army that benefits from going first!

If you want to see a link to the thread, you can find it here:

But I should be posting here as well when I do updates. I don’t blame you if you want to take your email subscription off. I mean, I’d hate to get an email or two extra a month, because that’s all I see happening for this hobby challenge. Maybe 1 Work-in-Progress shot, then a shot when the unit is done.

Wish me luck! I’d like to encourage anyone who is also doing this to also go to the where they have their Librarium challenge going on through March, and those guys and gals (statistically there has to be some) are pretty impressive in their quality and their output with or without a contest!

With that, I’ll wish you: For Sanguinus! For the Emperor!

1850 Blood Suns vs Dark Edar – Oct 20th

This is a battle report I wrote up for the Dakka Dakka world campaign. I played a friend at my house last weekend, and took some time to write this up. I hope you enjoy!

Chief Epistolary Saint Michael and his strike force of Blood Suns met raiding Dark Eldar in an intercept operation on the world of Namba. Knowing that the cunning Dark Eldar would rather not meet a superior force head on, Saint Michael led a force of fast moving jump infantry with support elements directly into the middle of the evil Eldar contingent, scoring a victory for the Imperium at a heavy cost.

1850 Points 40k Battle
Crusader Mission – 5 Objectives
Anvil of War Deployment – Short Table Edges

Blood Suns List
Librarian + jump pack + Divination powers: Prescience and Precognition
Furioso + frag cannon and heavy flamer + Drop Pod and locator beacon
2x Sanguinary Priests + jump packs + power weapons
3x Assault Squads with power weapons, melta bombs on the Sergeant, 1x with double flamer, 1x with double meltaguns, 1x with one of each
Baal Predator + TLAC + HB sponsons
Vanguard Vets + 2 Melta bombs + power weapons + power fist
Predator + LC + AC turret
Stormraven + TLAC + TLMM

Dark Eldar List
Duke Sliscus (the 3+ poisoned guy and deep striking raiders)
7x Kabalite TrueBorn + Shard Carbines + Raider + Disintegraters
2x Squads of 10 Kabalite Warriors + Splinter Cannons + Raiders + Disintegrater
2x Squads of Wyches + Hekatrix + agonizers + Raiders + Disintegrater
3x Squads of 5 Reaver Jetbikes + 1 Heat lance each
3x Ravagers with Triple Dark Lances

My Warlord power was to add +1 to charge ranges within 12″ of my warlord.
His gave units within 12″ of his warlord move through cover.
We didn’t use mysterious objectives.

Dark Eldar won first turn and deployed around a Fantasy-tower/bastion with the 4 Raiders, reserved Sliscus, and hid the Ravagers behind them. Then strung the bikes out in waves around the formation.

I deployed with 3 Assault Squads with the 3 ICs spread between them along the front line. Baal and Predator stayed just out of 48″ range of his Ravagers, but within that range of the raiders. Vets and SR reserved.

Then I stole the initiative!

Drop pod came down and the Dreadnought stipped a hull point off a Warrior Raider and broke apart a Wyche raider, killing 9 of them in the explosion, only the Hekatrix surviving. I jumped Assault squads forward to just outside of his rapid fire weaponry, half of them taking cover in a ruin (so he could only get single shots out of the raiders with troops). Baal was outside TLAC range so heavy bolters shot up bikes. TLAC predator shot some.

His first turn he destroyed the Furioso and the Drop Pod (knowing I would have used it for the Vets) and then proceeded to focus fire and fly-over with the jet bikes all at the Assault Squad with a Priest and double flamer. The Wyche sitting in the parapets was able to throw a haywire grenade down and blow up the Furioso… 😦 This wyche would later become the bane of my existence.

I assaulted the bikes and wiped them out my 2nd turn, when everything came in. This was probably a mistake, since it kept my guys from getting across the board, and I spent roughly 900 points taking out 300 of his… but I didn’t want to lose my Predators! Vets deep struck in my own deployment zone with no open targets on his side of the board, which meant they took 3 turns to get into combat in his deployment zone and missed the charge against the bikes.

Two bikes made it back to his side of the board, which would become the OTHER bane of my existence. He continued to shoot so much stuff at my other Priest Squad after wiping out the first Priest Squad. The Duke came down about mid-board and despite having lots of snap shots, didn’t do much to the 2nd Priest Squad either.

My third turn: I consolidated the Priest and Librarian into the remaining full strength assault squad, and moved the surviving 4 in the other squad towards the Duke. The Vets jumped into the middle of a big mess of Raiders, unsupported, with only 3 or 4 left. I shot most stuff at the Duke’s Raider, killed many of the Trueborn in the blast, then in the shooting phase killed the Duke, meaning i didn’t get to assault anything. I also blew up the other Wyche Raider which hadn’t made it over yet, stranding his wyches in a piece of terrain they kept trying to run over. The Stormraven blows up one transport or Ravager per turn from this point on.

His Third Turn:
He shot tons of stuff at me again. He had a single Splinter Cannon warrior run towards the objective, a group of 5 other warriors run for the objective, and the Wyches trying to run away from the objective and engage the veterans, but they didn’t make it.

My Fourth Turn:
I have the Vets assault the Wyches, but they get wiped out after killing a couple. Shooting kills the group of Warriors and the single one. The leftover Assault Squad jumps close to the Tower/Bastion out of sight, where the remaining Wyche stands on an objective out of sight due to the high parapets, so I can’t even shoot her or charge her, so I run to get close. The Libby and Priest Squad move up to do something similar, but are out of range to get to grips with anything.

His Fourth Turn:
He does move a lone Reaver, the leftover Hekatrix, and the Ravager close to the squad of just 4 marines, Librarian, and Priest, blowing the Priest away with concentrated, from the flank, Dark Lance. I fail one of the Look Out, Sir! rolls, leaving the Librarian and a single melta gunner. Then he charges with the bike and the Hekatrix, or put one wound on the Libby and kill the melta gunner. I fail to connect with the Librarian at all.

My Fifth Turn:
The two leftover marines jump on top of the objective the Hekatrix left. The Baal moves up closer to the Librarian’s combat to get shots on the Wyches. I shoot all my Dakka at the Wyches and Warriors standing on the objective, where he makes an absurd amount of 6+ cover saves from Going to Ground and Feel No Pain saves (gained from killing the Vets) to leave 2 Wyches there. Stormraven blows up the remaining transports and a Ravager. The Librarian kills the Hekatrix, and the Bike doesn’t connect, so they’re locked in combat still.

His Fifth Turn:
With his last remaining troops Gone to Ground, all he can do is move and shoot a Ravager. His last Ravager blows up the Baal Predator with a Penetrating shot. He rolls the distance of the explosion, which comes up maximum, and catches the Librarian who is in the assault but not the jetbike. The Explosion wounds! The Librarian tries to shield himself from the blast while trying to dodge a mad Dark Eldar Reavers’ close combat attacks at the same time… and… catches a fragment of front armor to the face, dying instantly. My warlord died to a Penetrating lance shot to a vehicle 5.5 inches away from him, which rolled a 6 for the maximum distance for the explosion, rolled over a 4+ to wound, and then failed his 3+ armor save. WONDERFUL HAPPY UNICORN DANCE OF PLEASURE!

If it hadn’t been for the leftover single Wyche and the leftover single Reaver, the Librarian would have been ok. Lesson learned: even a single model can make a huge impact later in the game.

After we get done laughing (him) and moaning in grief (me), we then have to call the game due to time (it was past 11PM, having started set up around 7PM) and so we assess the very bloody damage.

End of the Game Tally:
We each held one objective.
I got First blood
Neither got Linebreaker.
We both got Slay the Warlord (although one luckily, and the other through cowardly collateral damage).

5-4 Victory to the Blood Suns.

Heroic 28s Podcast and Video Battle Report

I was a guest on the podcast of The Heroic 28s, which you can read more about here:

It was really nice of them to have me on. I play Blood Angels, which shouldn’t be any surprise to the 4 people who read this, but it was nice to just talk 40k for hours with friends. It was a great experience, and it reminded me how appalling the sound of my own voice is, so it makes me feel grateful for my friends who put up with my nasally-lisping self every moment I open my mouth.

In all seriousness, I liked going back and forth with them about my beloved army, and hope you take a listen. The day before we recorded, Cowboy Kenny and I played a game at 2000 points between his Tyranids and my Blood Suns. You can watch that now, if you’d like, through the magic and power of the Internets.

My 2000pt list, for those who care:

Librarian + jump pack + divination powers
Furioso + heavy flamer + frag cannon + drop pod + locator beacon
2x Sanguinary Priests + jump pack + power swords
10 Assault Squad + power sword + melta bomb + melta gun + flamer
10 Assault Squad + power sword + melta bomb + 2x flamer
10 Assault Squad + power fist + 2x melta gun
5 Vanguard Vets + jump packs + power sword + thunderhammer
2x Baal Predator + assault cannon turret + heavy bolter sponsons
Stormraven + assault cannon turret + multi-melta nose gun
Predator + autocannon turret + lascannon sponsons

1850 Blood Suns vs. Dark Eldar

Fought some Dark Eldar Sunday. My friend’s list looked something like this:

Lilith with Wyches in a Raider
2 Raiders full of warriors with Dark lance and their 18″ Meltagun
2 Ravagers
2 Venoms with 3 Wracks inside + Humonucleus + 2 Hex rifles in the unit
Razorwing Jetfighter
6 Bikers + Heat lances, some other stuff
Night shields and flicker fields on everything that could take them.

1st mission from the book so objectives (forgot the mysterious objectives) and I got Prescience and Foreboding for my psyker. 1st turn to me, and good terrain on the table.

I started 3 assault squads in the middle with the meltagun squads on the outside, Vets, Baal, and SR in reserves, AC/LC Pred wide right.

He started his stuff in the middle along the back table edge, with the two Venoms dead center, Ravagers behind them, Raiders mostly blocked by terrain but covering the sides of the venoms, and put the Wyches, Bikes, and Razorwing in reserve.

1st turn I just moved up and ran forward to get closer. The Dreadnought dropped to my left, but scattered too far to et templates on any vehicles, so it got in area terrain and moved a bit further back. The Pred tried to fire but missed the lascannon shots due to night shields by 1/4 of an inch, and the autocannon did nothing. I ran all the infantry to get a 2nd turn assault if things opened up.

He killed the double Flamer assault squad to 1 man and the librarian on turn 1 by shooting everything in the army at them.

Turn 2 My Vets and Baal showed up. The Baal moved in 12 inches from my right side to set up shots on the Ravagers. The Vets used the locator beacon putting them just 7 inches away from a venom that had moved out slightly to give clear line of sight to the ravagers. They missed their charge later against the contents. I put the librarian with the double Melta squad, and that survivor from the double Flamer hid until turn 5 inside a building when he died to a Razorwing that had nothing else to shoot at due to it’s turn radius. The rest of the squads moved closer but I couldn’t get a single shot to penetrate or glance often enough. The Predators fired, but the Baal was too far away for the TLAC, and the sponsons just glanced once. The regular Pred plunked off the right venom and just gave it a glancing hit. The Dread tried to charge the back of the left raider outside of template distance, made it… and watched Flicker Fields save things. This was a theme the whole game. Left Assault squad charged the contents of the left Venom and wiped the Wracks inside, but were standing in the open now. The Right squad got the right raider open but only after assaulting.

His Wyches came in and assaulted the Baal, wrecking it with Haywires. His bikes came in just off the table edge and shot the furioso in the back… whiffing completely. The Librarian’s squad with Priest and 10 men were whittled down to 5 men from lots of fire, and the Razorwing launched missiles and rolled amazingly (like 20+ wounds) but I rolled amazingly and lost 1 man. The Venom that survived took the Vets down to 2 models, who ran away. The right assault squad lost someone.

Turn 3 my Stormraven shows up, zooming in 36″. It misses the Wyches raider with a multimelta, full BS missile, and a snap shotted missile (I wanted them stranded on his back right board edge and needing 4 or 5 turns to run to the nearest objective) and just glances a ravager with the assault cannon. The warriors in the wrecked raider get punched, but hold in there. The left assault squad still couldn’t open the left raider with the help of others like the Pred, and so wreck it on the assault. Furioso triple-templates the bikes, scoring 5 auto hits that bypass their armor, and the last man taking 10 S6 wounds, so they’re picked up in one go. Vets charge and open up the last venom, making the Wracks and HQ get out.

His Raider’s worth of guys shoot my Assault squad in the open, taking them down to Sergeant, Librarian, Priest, and meltagunner (i’m good at this new movement-bubble-wrap-from-shooting thing), and my right assault squad wins the combat. The Vets get killed by rending sniper fire, his wracks and HQ run into a forest and split up (so they’re not fearless and the troops can go to ground in the area terrain). The Furioso dies to lance fire in the back, and the wyches get back in and Aether Sail across the board to behind the AC/LC Pred and an objective. I won’t be able to get my units back to my side of the board anytime soon except the Pred.

Turn 4 I move my 4 man unit into assault, and they beat the warriors, and consolidate into the wreck for cover saves against lance fire. My right assault squad can’t do anything in assault against a ravager, even with S5 and over 20 attacks… and a meltabomb or two.. but whatever. I’ll take a glance or two. The Stormraven turns around in hover mode and after the Pred blows up the Wyche raider, it unloads everything into Ms. Hesperax and the rest of the wyches, taking them down to a single model. Lelith was doubled out by a TLAC round, and couldn’t Look Out Ma’am it.

My friend then destroys the Librarian’s squad regardless of their 5+ cover, and do some damage to the remaining assault squad with a priest. The Razorwing, due to turning, is lined up and takes 2 hull points off the Pred and stuns it. The lone wyche will never rally, and the ravagers don’t move far enough away while still shooting lance shots at me.

Turn 5 my SR zooms across the board and kills 1 of the 2 remaining wracks on the objective. My assault squad wrecks a ravager. Useless Pred smokes.

He keeps his Wracks on the ground, tries to keep the priest and squad off the objective with pinning fire and fails. The Wyche, in the ultimate insult, throws a haywire grenade and wrecks the Pred since she can shoot while fleeing. The Ravager can’t kill the priest’s unit in area terrain either.

It goes to Turn 6. The SR hovers and shoots the lone Wrack, but he makes all his 3+ saves, and the ravager dies in assault (since I only made 1 meltagun shot successfully this entire game… this one, but only glanced).

He moves his flier into my deployment zone and stands the Wrack up so it can score.

End of the game – we each killed a warlord, both had 1 unit in the other’s deployment zone, and both have 1 objective. It’s a tie all the way down.

After-Action Report (US army jargon for lessons learned)
The assault squads had the normal problem of completely wiping whole units they got in combat, but failing to open the vehicles up with meltas due to the night/flicker protections.

I presented him with a lot of threats. The Jump infantry, especially with a 12″ possible assault range, can get across really quickly and get turn 2 charges pretty dependably (as in, in 2 games of 6th edition so far…). I like that. 30 bodies is probably enough with power armor and Feel no Pain in this anti-infantry meta that 6th seems to foster. The vehicles all did what I wanted (except the Baal, but I should know better than putting it within 18″ of the enemies’ board edge). The Stormraven seemed to do fine coming in without holding any cargo, but I might put a 5 man combat squad in it next time since I need another scoring unit to be able to relocate later in the game with the 30 men pushing forward. The Furioso got it’s points back (barely) but again, I could have put it in the Stormraven and it would have been EXACTLY where I wanted it, instead of just outside effective range with the Drop Pod.

The Vets… it was my fault they were out in the middle so far away. I’d have done better just letting them actually scatter instead of relying on the locator beacon. I think they would have gotten their charge off that way and done something besides blow up a cheap transport. I feel like that was my fault leaving them unsupported, and not the fault of the unit. I’ll keep them in the list for now.

I need to roll better. That’d be a huge improvement. Or find a dependable way of cursing my opponent’s dice.

Overall though, I liked the list. It was balanced, and I felt like I had an answer for everything. The problem was realizing the correct question and saying “I know this unit can do this. But what ELSE could it be doing?” But I was able to present 5 targets turn 1, all either AV13 outside melta range or 10+ bodies of power armor and Feel No Pain, and had the additional threat of 3 more similar threats coming in turn 2. It put pressure in the right places.

Thanks for the feedback guys!